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Marine transportations

Maritime transportation has always been the most expanded way to transport the cargoes on intercontinental lines. We do business with the main container and ferry lines within the frame of long-term contracts.

Marine transportations

Services of the MCA Group LTD. Company are not restricted to cargo delivery by land or air vehicles. International cargo shipments with the help of marine vehicles have always been the main way to ship goods for the countries having access to the seas and oceans.

Up to 80% of the world trade is carried by sea, and 90% of the world fleet is engaged in international transportations. Russia is not an exclusion. Cargo vessels are capable to carry simultaneously tens thousand tons of cargos, which significantly determines the low cost of marine transportations, and the high safety of goods and possibility to carry out intercontinental transportations makes this service very popular.

Our company delivers cargos of any difficulty and amount by water transport within the utmost short terms. All calculations of the cost of marine transportations are adjusted in accordance with the customer’s requirements. And the procedure for calculating delivery terms when carrying out international transportations is regulated by the relevant international treaties and arrangements. The range of services of the MCA Group LTD. Company in the field of marine transportations includes customs clearance, insurance, stowage and custody of cargoes.

Specialists of the company will provide legal consulting and assistance in execution of all documents required for transportation; offer the most acceptable conditions of transportation with calculation of the optimal sea freight rates.

Our employees conduct a continuous monitoring of cargo and are ready to provide you, over the telephone or by e-mail, a report on your cargo location and the date of arrival at the point of destination.

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