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Logistics services are very popular under modern market conditions, they let essentially reduce transport costs, improve efficiency of various types of cargo transportation and shorten the time of delivery. The MCA Group LTD. Ñompany specializes in provision of international freight forwarding, logistics and customs services, as well as domestic cargo transportations. We carry out transportation of cargoes by all transport modes from the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, countries of Central and South-East Asia. Our company is distinguished by complete professionalism and a delicate individual approach to each customer that allows achieving the utmost efficiency in various cargos transportation.

The range of services on cargo transportations rendered by the MCA Group LTD. Ñompany covers practically all areas of this field of activities, the major of which being:

To understand true needs of a customer, to find the most expedient decision for all parties is a guarantee of constructive cooperation and partnership between production and consumption, on the one part, and transport – on the other part, thanks to which for the whole time of its activities the Logistics Company MCA Group LTD. has acquired a good reputation among its clients and business partners.

We have all that is required to carry out efficient activities in the transport industry, and namely:

We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful.


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