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Railway transportations

Railways have long been the most economic mode of transporting goods, which ideally combines low price and high quality of provided services. One definite advantage of railway transportations is the the utmost possible safety of cargos at a high speed of delivery.

Railway transportations are a reliable way of delivering and transporting cargos to any place of destination in Russia with optimal time and cash expenditures. The main business of the MCA Group LTD. Company is container transportation, including oversized cargo transportations, and dimensions of an oversized cargo are restricted only to the size of a container. The service comprises delivering containers from Moscow to any railway station of Russia which accepts containers. Our company undertakes full responsibility for safety of your cargo during the whole transportation route.

The high professionalism of our employees, their vast experience in the field of railway transportations about Russia, possibility to keep an eye on the constantly changing market conditions let us ensure you a high quality of railway transportations and exact observance of the reached arrangements.


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