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Air transportations

Air transportations are a fast, convenient and in most cases the only mode of cargo transportation. The speed with which a plane reaches a point of destination used to be essential for perishable or urgent cargoes. The safety of goods transported by air is 100% ensured as the cargo compartment and the goods transported are not subject to any intensive mechanical impacts meaning that your goods and their marketable state are completely safe.

For the period of activities our company has gathered a profound experience in the field of international and domestic transportations. Air transportations of cargos are carried out by our company at a high professional level, from the execution of documents to delivery “door to door”. We are entrusted with the most serious air transportations of cargoes, and many companies consider us a reliable partner. The MCA Group LTD. Company specialists efficiently settle all matters arising during execution of documents, which essentially saves your time.

Having contracted with us you will be offered a full range of services for cargo forwarding, including loading, transportation, settlement of problems arising during the cargo transportation, customs clearance, if necessary, unloading at the point of destination.

Our air transportations guarantee you efficient delivery with maximum speed, and exact compliance with the set terms.


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